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IT has a strong impact without a doubt, as the world seems to revolve around technology and it has become a way of life for most people. We would not really understand the impact it has, unless it was taken away from us for even a short duration of time, proving that we take technology for granted. We have become a society that would rather text than talk to somebody who is in front of us, making us anti-social realistically.

Social media is definitely the most popular part of the internet, being able to connect with friends and family, making communication easier amongst everyone. With social media, you have a place to put yourself online, get to meet new people over time and socialise.

Nevertheless, technology in healthcare are a big advantage of modern technology. Being able to monitor an individual’s oxygen rate, heartbeat, breathing intakes every minute and measuring the body temperature are just one of many bits of technology that help & let doctors know if there is anything wrong. Advances in prosthetics are one of those major factors that are a plus too, assisting the disabled, helping them to do more for themselves and making the healing process much easier.

As well as hospital-related issues, social media can inflict a big problem on today’s society. Putting too much information on a profile and revealing too much personal detail can put yourself in danger. Information such as your school/work/college and regularly updating your status with the location makes it easy for almost anybody to find you in person, which can definitely put you at some risk if anybody has bad intentions. 

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